Herb’s life is a mess. He’s lost his welfare, can’t hold a job, can’t talk to his son, has a neighbour who won’t shut up and a diet that consists mainly of cheap beer and mushy peas. It’s no way to live and he knows it.


Then he learns from a TV news report that Danish prisoners have it way better than he does: a job, accessible healthcare, the quiet of the countryside, even an HDTV. They’re practically living in hotels.


He says goodbye (and good riddance) to his dingy flat and smuggles himself to Denmark aboard a cargo ship, landing in a quaint town with everything he needs -- including a bank to rob. But when he meets a friendly local barmaid and a lovable stray dog that won’t leave his side, he begins to wonder if prison really is his only chance of a fulfilling life.



Adrian Shergold 


Jeff Murphy 


David Aukin 

Ed Talfan 

Executive Producers

Joe Oppenheimer

Adam Partridge 

Hannah Thomas

Hal Vogel 


Associate Producers

Mark Andrew

Thomas Hawkins


Line Producer 

Meinir Stoutt 

Director of Photography

Ulf Brantas 

Production Designer

Tom Pearce

Costume Designer

John Krausa

Hair & Makeup Designer

Claire Williams


Casting Director

Louise Cross, Anders Nygaard



Tania Reddin



Rafe Spall


Captain Kirk

Joel Fry


Harry the Horse

Steve Speirs



Thomas W. Gabreilsson


Blind Idris

Tim Woodward


Benedikte Hansen


Simone Lykke

Banking Customer

Kim Magne Solberg

Martin Fislev Ammitsbol



Police Officer

Martin Arnold Agersnap


Actress (as Maylenah Marion Danielle Johansson)

Maylenah Carmen Angellina Wiliemsborg

Police Officer

Kasper Arvad


Vicktoria Noell Ingberg

Hotdog Salesman

Benny Botchiaer Thomsen

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